Graduated in Mechanical Technology, in Rio de Janeiro, and Economics, in Berlin, HELLMUT H. CALEN has extensive experience in various positions in companies such as Brahma (beer), Standard Electrica and Standard Elektrik (telecommunications), Adrema Pitney-Bowes (equipment for mail), Schindler (lifts), MTS Systems (test equipments), Docol (metal fittings), Gestra (thermodynamic equipments), Centrex (manufacturing tools).

HELLMUT H. CALEN has started his autonomous activity as Techno-commercial Adviser in 1980, and created IMPULSE ASSESSORIA DE NEGÓCIOS LTDA. in 1991.

His specializations include personalized consulting; integration in the situation of the client's interests; creating legitimate economic solutions modeled on provisions of law; being the initial support of the entrepreneur, or the individual, in his first business or in his project, with full knowledge transfer to the client.

Due to his extensive knowledge of the German language, most clients in HELLMUT H. CALEN’s portfolio are foreigners – individuals or entities – who are working towards investments or business relations in Brazil.

His management in IMPULSE has been homologated in 2004 with the "Certified Management Consultants" by IBCO - Instituto Brasileiro dos Consultores de Organizaçăo, according to the rules of ICMCI - International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, which certification is renewed every two years.

In all his activities, HELLMUT H. CALEN strictly follows IBCO Code of Ethics, considering himself as a specialist and generalist to approach matters in the business world.